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Weight Loss Surgery Process Overview

Weight loss surgery is a life-changing procedure. As you begin your weight loss journey you will have many questions and concerns. Our team of weight loss surgery professionals is here to help guide you through the process. To begin your journey today, register with us online for your initial consultation or call us toll free at 1-877-269-0355.

The surgical program progression includes:

  • Pre-consult educational seminar: either as a virtual seminar, or in-house live seminar - this is a mandatory information session that covers the basics of undergoing weight loss surgery with our program.    
  • Consultation with your surgeon
  • Consultation with our registered dietitian
  • Consultation with a psychiatrist
  • Medical clearance by your primary care physician
  • Further evaluation with specialists if indicated
  • Pre-operative evaluation by anesthesiologist
  • Support group (encouraged pre- and postoperatively) 
  • Surgery
  • Postoperative visits with our specialized bariatric mid-level providers
  • Support with our interdisciplinary bariatric team
Meet one of our board certified weight loss surgeons at our monthly, free, no obligation informative seminars.  Sessions are held once a month in each our locations.  Call 1-877-269-0355 to register today!  


7 Steps to a New You

Choosing to undergo bariatric surgery is no small decision. The procedure and lifestyle changes needed to require a substantial amount of patient education. So, to fully prepare for the procedure, patients must complete the following steps:

Informative Seminar

This is a mandatory information session that covers the basics of weight loss surgery.


Consultation with one of our surgeons to determine eligibility and appropriateness of different surgical options.


Consultation with our registered dietician, and a psychologist/psychiatrist.

Medical Clearance

Medical clearance by your primary health care provider.
Further evaluation with specialists if needed.


Pre-operative evaluation by anesthesiologist.

Support Group

Encouraged pre- and post-operatively.

Post Surgery

After surgery, post-operative visits and lifelong support with our specialized team.

It's estimated that 200,000 people

undergo bariatric weight loss surgery each year. The procedure can transform your life! But first, you have to transform your lifestyle. Weight loss surgery is just as individual as you are, adapted to address your specific goals, your unique body, and your lifestyle. When you're fully involved in the process, you can achieve incredible results that last!