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Latest Weight Loss Surgery News

Meet Bari-Cat-Trics, Our Utica Office Cat!

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Our New Cat Bari-Cat-Trics

The staff at Dr. Graber’s office always works hard to provide our patients with a friendly and comfortable environment. But, at our office, there is one staff member in particular who helps brighten the mood… Bari-Cat-Trics, our office cat. Bari-Cat-Trics supports our staff as they work hard throughout the day to help our patients!

Although Dr. Graber has been doing bariatric surgery since 2002, Bari-Cat-Trics didn’t join us until 2010, when we rescued him from the parking lot next door. Some of our staff members noticed that he was born with four siblings, but his mother carried them all away. For some reason, she left Bari behind. That’s when our staff swooped in to rescue him from life as a homeless street cat. We set up a “Have a Heart” trap and brought him into our practice. He took to life as a spoiled office cat pretty quickly and is still living a life of luxury four years later!

As anyone who has visited our Utica office has probably noticed, most of our staff members are female–in fact, about 87% of us are women. But don’t think that Bari-Cat-Trics hasn’t won over Dr. Graber and the men on staff, because he certainly has. While the receptionists, clerks, certified bariatric surgery nurses, and other staff members stay busy all day long, Bari-Cat-Trics serves as a friendly face and reminder to slow down and appreciate the joy of having a furry friend to keep us company. Next time you’re in our Utica office, you can take comfort in knowing that Bari is cheering for you

New Study Finds that Bariatric Surgery Improves Fatty Liver Disease

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Understanding Bariatric Surgery
Most people have been taught that diet and exercise alone are enough to ensure great health. However, more Americans are discovering that this conventional wisdom does not hold true for them. Weight loss surgery is increasingly becoming a consideration for many people unable to achieve their desired weight solely through conventional methods.
Bariatric surgery is a medical procedure that facilitates weight loss. This type of surgery helps patients lose weight by limiting the amount of food that can be eaten. This is a viable option when diet and exercise aren’t working or when serious health concerns exist as a result of being overweight. It is recommended for those who have a body mass index (BMI) of over 40 kg/m2 or over 35 kg/m2 in combination with severe health problems.
Fatty Liver Disease Improvements
New data indicates that the health benefits of weight loss surgery can extend beyond weight loss to actually improving or resolving fatty liver disease. According to Dr. Michel Murr, professor of surgery and director of Tampa General Hospital and University of South Florida Health Bariatric Center, this study provides objective results suggesting that weight loss surgeries reduce fat deposits in the liver, resolves liver inflammation, and reverses early stage liver fibrosis.
Consult Your Doctor
It is clear that patients continue to choose weight loss surgery with over 200,000 procedures performed each year. However, surgery is not always the right choice for every patient and no surgery is without risk. It is crucial that patients make permanent diet and exercise changes in their lifestyle to achieve long-term success. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Graber to determine if this procedure is right for you.