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Latest Weight Loss Surgery News

Experts Agree- Diet and Exercise "Not Enough"

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"Continuing to rely on behavior modification, or diet and exercise alone --will surely result in the continued inability to treat obesity effectively and the premature death of millions of individuals each year."

A Few Words About "Weight Checks"

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You've made that all important decision to undergo weight loss surgery.  That "finally going to take care of myself", "take charge of my health", "live life to the fullest" decision.  You make the move- get in for an initial consultation with a surgeon and then Bam!... "Ma'am/Sir, your insurance company requires X number of months  of a "Supervised Diet"! Say what??  I have been dieting my whole life!  I have followed every diet my doctor, dietitian, dentist, and Dr. Oz put me on.  I have purchased pills, potions, lotions, and special foods.  I have exercised until my ankles and knees gave out. And now, after I've researched and reviewed everything I can about weight loss surgery, I have to wait months to actually have it?!

It's absurd- we agree.  Some would say discriminatory.  But we can and will get through this barrier together.  At William A. Graber, MD, PC, we take weight checks at either location at anytime during open hours (please call or check our website during snow storms).  We always have staff ready for you to drop by.  We can get you in and out with the documentation needed for your "weight checks" to satisfy this insurance requirement- and we can get you 1 month closer to the first day of the rest of your life.  If you have any questions about "weight checks" and other insurance requirements, please reach out to us.

In good health,
The Office of William A. Graber, MD, PC - Weight Loss Surgery

Take Control of Your Own Health Destiny

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"You always have a choice" - Dr. Eva Selhub
Dr. Selhub is not your average Western MD. She has guided countless people towards better health and stress management through her teachings. Check out her book "The Love Response" and this seminar to learn how to take control of your own health destiny.

Elvis Duran speaks with Dr. Oz about weight loss surgery

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Nationally syndicated radio show host Elvis Duran speaks with Dr. Oz about his decision to undergo Bariatric Surgery- the struggles that led him to this important decision and how he has a new lease on life! 

The View's Rosie O'Donnell and her Bariatric Surgeon answer questions about Gastric Sleeve surgery and Gastric Bypass surgery

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The first question on here is a profound one- how to deal with the "guilt and shame" that is so often associated with weight management issues.  Watch this clip to see how Rosie and Dr. Trivedi handle this question and many more.  

Rosie O'Donnell's Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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Recent clip from ABC's "The View" where Rosie O'Donnell speaks with her bariatric surgeon Dr. Trivedi, who Rosie says "saved" her life by performing a Gastric Sleeve surgery on her.  She is losing weight, on less medications, and healthier and happier overall!