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Latest Weight Loss Surgery News

We Support Women's Health

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What a great time we had at The Oncenter's La Femme Expo in Syracuse, New York! Thanks to St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center in Syracuse NY for sponsoring such a wonderful event to support women and women's health.  What did we learn?...Central New York is filled strong females that want to take charge of their health!  Thanks to all for the great laughs and conversations today. Big shout out to #RedPants for the support! Browse our website to learn more about how bariatric surgery can change your life for the better.

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La Femme Women's Expo 2015

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Come find us today at the La Femme Women's Expo in The Oncenter Syracuse, New York!! Let us calculate your BMI and see if weight loss surgery is right for you. Learn about all the procedures we offer- gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, revisional bariatric surgeries, as well as all the weight management strategies we specialize in.  Drop by for some goodies and nature's best elixir- a bottle of H20! Tickets are only $10 for this amazing event with tons of awesome vendors. Join us from 10am-3pm - see you there :)

Back on Track after Halloween

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Q: What should the gastric bypass and gastric sleeve patient do with leftover Halloween candy? A: Get rid of it! Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is coming, then the winter holidays of your particular many treats, so many sweets, so many opportunities to go off track. What's a weight loss surgery patient to do? Right now- throw the candy away! Plenty of research shows that you are more likely to eat things that are around you, especially if they are things that are proven to reward the brain...give you a high, so to speak. These things are typically sugar and fat laden- so candy and chocolates collected around Halloween time are ripe for this kind of rewarding! Your best bet to help keep you on track is to keep these tempting foods "out of house, out of mouth".